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Canadian money

GIC Rates

Looking for the best GIC rates in Canada? Here you can compare GIC interest rates across Canadian financial institutions. This GIC rate information is provided for your convenience to help you find the best GIC rate available. Please check with the financial institution as GIC rates and details may change.

Rates are shown for 1 to 5 year GICs. Many financial institutions offer shorter terms and other varieties of GICs not shown here. Some institutions offer registered (RRSP) GICs, non-registered GICs, and TFSA GICs, whereas others offer only non-registered GICs. Visit the financial institution to see a complete list of GICs offered.

These GIC rates are provided by Cannex Financial Exchanges.

View the GIC rates

GIC Rates - Non-registered
GIC Rates - Registered
GIC Rates - Tax-free Savings